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Premal Varnam

AcuEnergetics, Massage, Reflexology

AcuEnergetics® treatments and wellness balances
Holistic massage

Premal Varnam - AcuEnergetics ® Holistic massage, Reflexology

I started my own healing journey over 25 years ago. After losing a baby to cot death I needed to heal myself and embarked on a series of trainings that spanned over the next two decades.
I like to work with women particularly before, during and after pregnancy and my other hat is as postpartum doula supporting women with newborn babies. I studied and qualified in shiatsu, holistic massage, Indian head massage, reflexology and colonics before coming across AcuEnergetics in 2013. So impressed by AcuEnergetics® I travelled to study with the founder of the modality Kevin Farrow in Australia.

I soon realised that meditation plays a big part in becoming a good practitioner.
In AcuEnergetics® it is essential to keep the heart open and the mind still in order to give sessions.
A big bonus, it makes me feel good too!
I spent a year and 3 months in Australia totally immersing myself in my studies and meditation,and was lucky enough to intern with Kevin and other senior practitioners as well as practice in the clinic there.
I bring to my work a sensitivity and understanding of people due to my 15 years of involvement in supporting group therapy workshops and meditation in a personal growth community im Dorset.
Tel: 44 7970 831786

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