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Essence COVID-19 Policy.

All Policies will be reviewed and updated weekly, and any changes communicated to staff and clients as soon as possible.

Checklists posted in every relevant room will include:


  • Light switches & door-handles to be cleaned between clients.
  • Handles, handrails and banisters cleaned 3 times/day.
  • Each toilet and sink area cleaned at least 3 times/day.
  • “Now wash your hands” posters prominently sisplayed.
  • In treatment rooms:

  • All rooms have large windows for ventilation, which need to be utilised.
  • Cleaning the table & chair between clients.
  • Door-handles to be cleaned between clients.
  • Clients will be strongly encouraged to bring their own (large) towel for draping during massage.
  • All couch/ pillows/towels to be 100% covered with paper, or changed between each patient. Additionally, clingfilm will be provided to better protect the area around couch face-holes.
  • On the current advice from the UK government and health authorities, wearing and asking your clients to wear PPE is the prerogative of each therapist and each client. Essence has sourced disposable PPE for use as required.
  • Disposable gloves will be provided for the necessary cleaning work.
  • Foot-operated pedal bin with lid and plastic liner will be provided in every room.
  • Each therapist is required to bring 2 laundry bags: one for clean and one for used laundry.
  • Therapists may opt to wear disposable aprons, changed for each patient.
  • For Classes:

  • Until Social Distancing rules are further relaxed, classes limited to 6 + the teacher.
  • All Yoga & Pilates clients advised to bring their own mat. [we can hire our own mats out to existing regular clients]
  • Any equipment used to be cleaned after each class.
  • For classes using bolsters, clients are advised to bring towels to wrap around the bolster they use.
  • As with therapies, all clients are required to confirm that (a) they are symptom-free, and (b) they have no reason to believe they have been in close contact with anyone who did have symptoms.
  • In the shop:

  • Essence Hygiene policies clearly displayed.
  • All clients to wash/ sanitise their hands on arrival.
  • All clients to enter via the front door, but leave via the back door [unless they need to re-book], to reduce congestion.
  • Easily washable chairs in the waiting area to be cleaned after every client.
  • Social Distancing posters, devices and markers will be clearly displayed.
  • Pens or mobile device screens to be cleaned after every client.
  • Payment terminal to be cleaned after every client.
  • Computer keyboard and mouse cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Goods coming in to be cleaned [while wearing disposable gloves] before putting out.
  • All items touched by clients to be cleaned immediately.
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