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Welcome to Essence

We believe that real well-being, that true healing must be grounded in our deepest roots as human beings, rather than coming just from a pill or lotion. If our deepest self is not happy and fulfilled, how can this, eventually, not manifest in our body? We are creating a Centre where anyone can find nurture and healing at every level. Essence is here to support our community, to be a lighthouse, to be a guide back to where we will be our very best.

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Meet Our Team

Xenia Muehlberg-

I started my first yoga teacher training at the Shiatsu College in Hastings. It was Vanda Scaravelli inspired Meridien Yoga with a direct line down from Scaravelli to my teacher Annie Crya. There, I understood how important it is to work with gravity....

Kirsty Ferry-Massage

Kirsty is a graduate Sports Therapist holding a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Therapy. She is also a qualified sports massage and remedial bodywork therapist, has certificates in reflexology and pregnancy massage, as well as Post-Grad qualifications in...

Jonny Baker-Meditation

I discovered Buddhism while at school in the late ‘70s and learnt to meditate initially from books before attending classes at a local Buddhist centre in South London. Then followed 20 years living as an ordained Buddhist minister, during which...

Nina King-Power Plates

Having been kept busy with my family for many years, I started coming to Power Plates classes - and fell in love with it! And now, qualified as a Teacher, I just love taking my classes, and helping other people get just as much out of it as I have.

Ingrid Pianet-

Ingrid has over 10 years experience. Her first job working in a complimentary health centre in London alongside a very successful osteopath gave her a good introduction and understanding of the fundamental principles of alternative therapies. Since then...

Lorraine Flaherty-Past Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy

Lorraine Flaherty works as a transformational therapist, using a process she has developed over the last 17 years called Inner Freedom Therapy. This incorporates the tools of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy, Future Life Progression, Life Between...

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