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Welcome to Essence

We believe that real well-being, that true healing must be grounded in our deepest roots as human beings, rather than coming just from a pill or lotion. If our deepest self is not happy and fulfilled, how can this, eventually, not manifest in our body? We are creating a Centre where anyone can find nurture and healing at every level. Essence is here to support our community, to be a lighthouse, to be a guide back to where we will be our very best.

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Meet Our Team

Jonny Baker-Meditation

I discovered Buddhism while at school in the late ‘70s and learnt to meditate initially from books before attending classes at a local Buddhist centre in South London. Then followed 20 years living as an ordained Buddhist minister, during which time...

Billie Gamon-Massage, Beauty Therapy

I am a fully qualified beauty and massage therapist with NVQ 2

Emma Bohan-Healing, Beauty Therapy

Emma has over 11 years experience working within holistic health. After qualifying she worked as a therapist in Australia, Melbourne, meeting people from all backgrounds and learning invaluable knowledge about health and wellbeing. After two years...

Phil Hall-Nutritional Therapy, Colonic Hydrotherapy

I started practicing health in 1985 and over the last 30 years, have obtained several qualifications in Nutrition, Massage, Colonics, Iridology, Counselling, Herbs and eventually Naturopathy (which utilises the body's many natural ways of healing itself...

Xenia Muehlberg-Yoga

After finishing her first 200 hours Scaravelli Yoga at the Shiatsu college, Xenia now achieved her second 200 hours (en route to 500 hours) at the Vajrasati Yoga school. In her classes she brings together the principles of Vajrasati, Scaravelli and Shiatsu....

Xenia Muehlberg-

I started my first yoga teacher training at the Shiatsu College in Hastings. It was Vanda Scaravelli inspired Meridien Yoga with a direct line down from Scaravelli to my teacher Annie Crya. There, I understood how important it is to work with gravity....

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