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Welcome to Essence

We believe that real well-being, that true healing must be grounded in our deepest roots as human beings, rather than coming just from a pill or lotion. If our deepest self is not happy and fulfilled, how can this, eventually, not manifest in our body? We are creating a Centre where anyone can find nurture and healing at every level. Essence is here to support our community, to be a lighthouse, to be a guide back to where we will be our very best.

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Meet Our Team

Helen Cripps-Healing

Helen is an Astrologer based in Hove, offering in depth birth chart readings. She has a Level 2 and 3 CPCAB qualification in Counselling and is passionate about connecting people to their inner self; giving them a deeper understanding of their psyche,...

Xenia Muehlberg-

I started my first yoga teacher training at the Shiatsu College in Hastings. It was Vanda Scaravelli inspired Meridien Yoga with a direct line down from Scaravelli to my teacher Annie Crya. There, I understood how important it is to work with gravity....

Sally Davis-Meditation

Sally has been using self-awareness techniques since 200* and she has a passion for giving people tools that can enhance their body and mind connection. Her aim is to help guide people to live a more fulfilled life. Sally practices Meditation, Mindfulness,...

Premal Varnam-AcuEnergetics, Reflexology

AcuEnergetics® treatments and wellness balances Holistic massage Reflexology Premal Varnam - AcuEnergetics ® Holistic massage, Reflexology I started my own healing journey over 25 years ago. After losing a baby to cot...

Serena Laidlaw-Reiki, Tarot Reading

I am delighted to offer reiki therapy, tarot card readings, coupled with some angel cards, and also the option of a combination of tarot with your astrological birth chart. Reiki came in to my life twenty years ago and I was bowled over with its powerful,...

Vanessa Hindle-Reiki, Counselling

My background originally was in travel. After several years working at trailfinders. I moved to an independent travel company which I ran for 7 years. Finally I exchanged the outward travelling for more inward work spending the next couple of years studying...

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