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10 Tips for Beating Cancer

Posted: 25 Apr 2017 by Robert Hodgetts

At Essence, there has always been a tradition of helping - in any way that we can - anyone with cancer. So, provided we have the consent of the patient, and their GP, we are very happy to provide any treatment which the patient feels will be beneficial for them to receive.

As part of our commitment to positive change, we have compiled some 'tips' either through research, or from repeated anecdotes, of little things that anyone can do for themselves: there is more to cancer care than chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  1. Raise your temperature enough to sweat every day - either through exercise, a sauna or a hot bath. Heating up helps our immune system to fight more effectively.
  2. Go vegetarian, and cut out cow's milk. These 'cost' the body a lot of effort to digest and absorb properly. Many Nutritionists and Naturopaths believe that eating red meat too often can pose a cancer risk.
  3. Eat some raw vegetables and fruit every day, especially as a juice (as is practiced in The Gerson Method, and utilised at The Bristol Centre), and also eat plenty of nuts and seeds. Get apricot kernels, if you can, as they are believed to contain valuable 'anti-cancer' vitamins.
  4. Many fruits, especially berries, contain high levels of anti-oxidants, which help the body to repair cellular damage.
  5. Take a herbal Parasite Cleanse: research indicates that some tumours find it hard to survive without the dysfunctions in your body caused by the actions of parasites. The 3 most powerful components are Wormwood, Cloves and Green Walnut tincture. Google "Dr Hulda Clark" for dosage instructions.
  6. Wary of 'garlic breath'? Take the plunge and chew raw garlic twice a day! Raw garlic smells far less than after being cooked, and it is believed to clean the blood and expel some parasites.
  7. Clean up your act by eliminating as many strong chemicals and heavy metals from your immediate environment, and from your body as soon as possible. This includes all the cosmetics you use, and the laundry powder, as well as getting any mercury fillings out of your mouth. And try to eat organic.
  8. Be positive - Statistics on all cancers show that some people live and some die. Medicines alone cannot predict accurately who will fall into which camp. This means that something within the power of each individual can help to determine the outcome. Plenty of research studies link better outcomes with a positive emotional and mental outlook. If you've nurtured a grudge, or resentment, this is the time to let it go. If you've been weighed down by misery or failure, this is the moment to draw a line, and determine to start afresh.
  9. Meditate daily. This helps to keep you relaxed and calm, focussed and positive. Use mental imagery in creative visualisations to 'run a film' of the tumours shrinking, then disappearing. The body-mind connection responds better to images than to words and logic; and it also responds to whatever you repeat, over and over again.
  10. Above all, make enjoying every single moment your top priority. Again, research shows that those of us who cultivate the ability to really enjoy the big and the little joys of life perform much better, statistically. There is also the story of Norman Cousins (among many others), who cured himself of cancer - by laughing!

But whatever the future holds for you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, both for yourself and for your loved ones by 'seizing the day'.

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