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World Reflexology Awareness Week

18th - 24th September 2017

Posted: 17 Sep 2017 by Robert Hodgetts

Receive a complimentary 30 min Reflexology session when you book a Full Body Massage - 90 min only £52! Or just come in for a 30 min Reflexology Taster - for only £18!

Offer available only during the World Reflexology Week with our highly qualified and experienced therapists.

How much thought do you really give your feet? They work hard, day after day, and until they start hurting we don't really think about them at all!

Reflexology is an ancient method of natural healing based on the concept that every part of the body corresponds with a specific point on the feet. By applying precise and steady pressure to these reflex areas the body is urged towards wellness, strengthening the body's remarkable ability to heal itself.

The theory behind it is that we have reflex areas on our feet, which correspond to specific organs or parts of the body. Specific techniques are used with deep pressure on the foot's reflex areas. This allows blood, lymph and nerve flow to the specific area needing treatment. This reduces pain and muscle tension as it helps the body's natural detox and healing process.

Most clients describe a profound sense of relaxation and increased energy following just a single session. However, a course of 6 treatments might be required to support some chronic conditions.

Reflexology can be used for many different conditions and ailments, stress relief and relaxation, to improve the circulation, help relieving pain and to help stimulate the nervous and immune system.

If you suffer from allergies, migraines, depression, back pain, arthritis, sinus problems, asthma, and insomnia - to name a few - give reflexology a try.

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