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I Cured My Dog Of Cancer

Using Anti-Parasite Herbs

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 by Robert Hodgetts

When our lovely Alsatian, Ben, developed a pink spot on the tip of his snout, we ignored it at first. But it didn't go away, and slowly got bigger, so we took him to the vet. Imagine our shock when the tests came back, showing it was Cancer.

The vet encouraged us to go for surgery, as "the odds are that it is very contained". So we did, and Ben got a facelift!
Ben quickly recovered, and soon was his old self again. Phew!

But 6 months later, we noticed an identical spot coming up, on the side of his snout, just a few inches from the original one.

By this time, we had heard about the intimate relationship between Parasites and the Cancer process, as researched and written on by Dr Hulda Clark and others.

So we bought some anti-parasite herbs (Wormwood, Cloves & Tincture of Black Walnut) and proceeded to give Ben the full course, adjusting the dosage to his bodyweight. It took us about 4 weeks to give him all the herbs, and by that time, the spot already looked like it was shrinking! A month later, the spot disappeared completely - and Ben never got another one like it. Ben recovered completely, and lived for many more happy years.

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