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Colonic Hydrotherapy

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Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon. Waste material is removed by repeated, gentle flushing with water. Nutritional and general lifestyle advice is also provided with each session if required.

  • General Information

    All our therapists are registered with either "Colonic Association", "i-act", or the "Colonic Guild". Our professional and experienced team have performed over 9,000 treatments between them and are dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible.

    Your stool tells you a lot about your colon health. For example, if it's dark, compact and heavy, or elimination is irregular and hard work, you need a cleanse. Afterwards your stool should be light both in colour and weight, and elimination should be regular. Other benefits can include weight loss (between 1-5 lbs of accumulated waste is usually discarded from your colon).

    Clients have also reported less allergies, clearing of acne, cessation of migraines and generally much more energy after treatment. Your body is cleansed of the old toxins and when the colon walls are clean, you can absorb the nutrients from your food better, producing better health.

    The treatment helps among other things to prevent colon cancer, which has become one of the main killers in the UK.

    Please note that are a few contra-indications for this treatment. It is advisable not to have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment if you are pregnant, if you have colon cancer, Crohns disease, recent abdominal surgery or active fissures. If you are experiencing blood spotting in your stools or on your tissue paper, or if you are unsure if this treatment is appropriate for you, please contact us.


All Sessions 75 mins £85.00

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