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Infrared Sauna

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Infra-red rays are known to penetrate through the skin and dissolve any toxic waste that builds up in your system, as well as revitalising cells and re-booting your metabolism.
Sitting in this sauna warms you as the sun would without the harmful rays related to sun-related illnesses, leaving you feeling warm all over in a completely safe surrounding. Bring back your inner fire after just sitting in the Sauna for just 30 minutes, the perfect way to warm up on any cold day.

Please bring your own towel along as we only provide small towels to rest on.

  • General Information

    Full details about this therapy are coming soon...


1x 30 Min Session 30 mins £15.00
3x 30 Min Session 30 mins £35.00
10x 30 Min Session 30 mins £75.00

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