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We offer this treatment as a way to help you understand your inner health and any external symptoms of ill health that may need addressing. We offer free consultations if you're just not sure what you need and also follow up treatments to keep an eye on your health and well being.

  • General Information

    What is Iridology?
    Iridology was developed in Hungary in the 19th Century. The human iris and pupil, the eye, is one of the most intricate structures in nature and is one of the most visible parts. Its thousands of nerve endings are connected to the brain via the hypothalamus, giving readouts on conditions in all organs and systems of the body.

    The iris provides accurate information about our constitutional type, helping patients to understand their strengths and weaknesses, thereby enabling them to become more personally aware of what they can do to help themselves in both the short and long-term. As bodily tissues become inflamed or congested, the iris registers the processes, enabling the Iridologist to determine the root cause of current disorders. For example, a toxic digestive system may be responsible for seemingly unrelated problems such as migraines, skin disorders or joint problems

    Our Iridologist uses a camera to take a photo of your eye, then after a few minutes of focused observation, your systems strengths and weaknesses will be discussed, and appropriate health and lifestyle advice given. By establishing the root cause of disorders, the most effective forms of therapy that will attain the best results for you and your health will be discussed.


All Sessions 60 mins £60.00

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