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Rune Reading

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Rune-casting works deeply with the subconscious. The rune pouch with its runic symbols represents the entire universe. As one poses a question, one's entire conscious and unconscious mind is focused toward that question, so that the runes selected are not truly random selections, but rather subtle choices made by the subconscious.

  • General Information

    Runecraft operates on an ancient form of psychology. The Vikings recognized cause and effect, and the interconnectedness of all things, or 'wyrd'. Their symbology is still as relevant for us today as it was then: the world - and our place in it - still remain.

    When one does a runic reading, one usually addresses a particular issue, and examines the past, the present and the 'future', or rather 'what will be if one follows the path one appears to be on'. The future is always perceived as mutable, changeable, especially using the wisdom that the Runes have given.


All Sessions 30 mins £30.00

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