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Tarot Reading

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Tarot is a system of exploration and divination which uses cards drawn with carefully crafted symbology designed to resonate and trigger our super-conscious mind. Believed to stem from very ancient wisdom, the Tarot we know derived from Italy in the early 13th Century. It always has the 4 suits that we know from playing cards, numbers from Ace to 10, Court cards, but also 22 other cards generally known as Major Arcana.

  • General Information

    During a Tarot reading, you may be asked to focus on your particular question before the cards are drawn. Then, in whatever 'spread' the Tarot Reader has picked, the significance of the cards drawn, and their places within the spread will be explained.

    Tarot is the perfect vehicle for facilitating a deeper understanding of what is happening in your life, and in identifying issues which may be holding you back.


All Readings 60 mins £30.00

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