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Welcome to Essence

We believe that real well-being, that true healing must be grounded in our deepest roots as human beings, rather than coming just from a pill or lotion. If our deepest self is not happy and fulfilled, how can this, eventually, not manifest in our body? We are creating a Centre where anyone can find nurture and healing at every level. Essence is here to support our community, to be a lighthouse, to be a guide back to where we will be our very best.

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Meet Our Team

Laurie Bartoszak-

I'm a mum of two boys and my experiences taught me that no two pregnancies or births are the same and so is the support needed afterwards That is why I decided to join Mummas and beans as a teacher. I offer local mums the opportunity to join a group,...

Abi-Jade Lemm-Power Plates, Pilates

I've been teaching power plates since 2011, I enjoy creating classes that are fun whilst still being challenging and effective. I welcome everyone into my classes to work to their level of ability and I am very lucky to have a wonderful client base at...

Isabelle Houry-Yoga

As a little girl and a woman who loves to move, I came naturally to yoga, or is it that yoga came to me ? Passionate about dance since my childhood, I am animated by the expression of the body and the feelings that it procures. In parallel with dance,...

Naomi Givans-Yoga

Trained in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Naomi offers a more restorative approach within these schools of Yoga. Having dedicated over a decade of her life to a busy corporate lifestyle, yoga helped reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension and bring more balance...

Robert Hodgetts-Shiatsu, Massage

I started Healing about 40 years ago, while at university, and learned basic counselling and massage skills. I did my training in Swedish Massage and in Shiatsu in 1990. At around that time, I began studying Kabbalah and learned to use Bach Flower Remedies...

Sarah Pfitzner-

Sarah is a Pilates and meditation teacher, a TREA(R) Provider and an Embody Love MovementA(R) Facilitator Trainer. She has always been passionate about contributing in ways that make positive change in the world, however it was through a severe life-changing...

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