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PSYCH-K (psychological kinesiology) is a powerful treatment originated in the USA over 10 years ago by Dr Rob Williams. It is a cutting edge technique to safely and effectively change beliefs in the whole body that sabotage you into beliefs that support you. By using muscle testing to identify a limiting belief, PSYCH-K can powerfully move you forward into creating beliefs that do support you.

  • General Information

    Through simple techniques called "balances", PSYCH-K facilitates full communication between the right and the left hemispheres of the brain and the conscious and unconscious mind. Balancing a new belief can create your desired goal and outcomes- in an easy and simple way.

    What can PSYCH-K help?

    • Health and Body
    • Self Esteem
    • Relationships
    • Grief and loss
    • Prosperity/money issue
    • Weight/self image
    • Personal power
    • Spirituality


All Sessions 60 mins £60.00

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