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Kirsty Lander

BSc (Hons) Psych, Adv Dip Nat, Adv Dip Herb Med, Adv Dip Hom, Adv Dip Nut, CBP,


Kirsty is an experienced natural health expert, fully qualified in naturopathy, BodyTalk, kinesiology, food intolerance testing, herbal medicine, nutrition and more. Functional Pathology testing may be also used to develop a deeper understanding of your symptoms.
Kirsty spent 10 years in Sydney, Australia, and has worked as a lecturer for 7 years at ACNT, one of Australia’s top natural therapy colleges.
Treatments are tailored to the individual, using a combination of natural therapies to obtain an optimal outcome. The latest evidence based clinical research is combined with traditional and state of the art healing techniques. Kirsty has attended many energy healing courses and brings these highly effective techniques to her work. She finds that BodyTalk is an outstanding therapy in practice and can assist in producing profound changes for the better in people’s lives.

Kirsty’s passion is assisting others in overcoming their health concerns and achieving their full potential.
Digestive conditions (e.g IBS, bloating, reflux…)
 Skin conditions (e.g eczema, acne…)
 Candida and leaky gut
 Allergies, food and environmental sensitivities

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