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Mary-Lou Aitken

RYS 200/300 - YACEP


Mary-Louise began her yogic journey nearly two decades ago whist working as an operatic soloist. A dedicated mindfulness practice soon brought her to the yoga mat, from where the intention to share the huge benefits she had found through this work began. She is qualified to teach Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga and particularly enjoys teaching a Vinyasa Flow, followed by a Yin practice - Yin / Yang Yoga. Her enthusiasm for the practice is infectious as is her passion to support each class participant to find their own, nurturing practice. Mary-Lou is inspired to bring in the philosophy of yoga in gentle and engaging ways to the themes of the classes (expect to learn about Egyptian goddesses as well as the Charkra system!). Her belief is that it is important to let go of ideas about 'being flexible' or 'bendy enough' and will encourage you to simply enjoy being on your own mat. By linking breath with movement, Mary-Lou will share her joy of yoga and offer her class participants the opportunity to 'travel inward' and embark on the journey of a lifetime. She feels particularly excited to be joining the team at Essence this March and her two Monday evening classes, offered in the peaceful setting of the Blueberry Studio, encompass a choice of practice styles,

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