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Smita Patel

Healing, Life Coaching, EFT


I'm a life coach and channel for healing energy, empowering people to overcome challenges and release anything holding them back so they can fully own who they were born to be. I help people to unleash their own magnificence and powerfully take action to create their best possible future!
A major part of my own life's journey has been focused on striving to create a better life for myself. As I sought to do this, I noticed that many of the fears, beliefs, thinking and programming that had been holding me back actually stemmed from the past. Releasing this 'baggage' has cleared the path to improve my life in so many ways and find more peace within myself, the therapies I use have enabled me to do this. I'm passionate about helping other people to release the blocks they have so they too can create a life without limitations and maximise their potential. I'm happy to provide a free 15 minute consultation should you wish to know more.

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