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Past Life Therapy

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Past Life Regression allows you to step into a world of self-discovery and self-awareness, so that insights gained from the past can be applied to the events, situations and relationships in your present life. Your unconscious mind is the storehouse of all your thoughts, feelings, experiences and accumulated knowledge. Everything you have ever experienced and become aware of, in every lifetime, is recorded in the memory banks of your mind.

  • General Information

    Remembering your past lives is a natural process that involves two main qualities; curiosity and a comfortable and relaxing state of hypnosis which you are guided into by your therapist. This is all that is needed to open up your memories and allow you to remember. The memories you recall will help you achieve a sense of healing in your present life.

    You will remember everything from the session and it will all be recorded for you to take away and review later.

    Sessions can take anything from around 1 hour to a whole days, depending on your needs, but the healing that occurs is truly remarkable.

    We also offer "Future Lives Hypnotherapy" and "Live Between Lives" - both enabling a journey to inner freedom and peace.


Regular £270 up to 3 hours
Between Lives Recall £360 up to 3 hours

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